Plenoil gasolineras

Castilla y León now has 10 Plenoil gas stations: Salamanca joins the automatic station network

Plenoil Leganés II

In February, Plenoil opened two new service units: Salamanca and Leganés. In the community of Madrid there are now a total of 31 and in Castilla y León they have reached number 10.

In 2023 Plenoil has opened seven stations offering the lowest price in Spain thanks to the elimination of unnecessary costs and the lean structure they have.

Plenoil Growth

The company has opened 163 stations and aims to exceed 220 by 2023. The company already has the best roadmap to achieve this and the 2022 growth data supports this. Moreover, expansion is getting closer and closer, making Plenoil one of the automatic service station companies with the highest annual growth forecast.