Plenoil gasolineras

Safe, convenient, automated, quality refueling with the best prices.

Our goal is to make fueling safe, convenient, automated, high quality and at the best price.

For this, we provide our customers with automated gas stations that offer high-quality fuels and comply with current environmental regulations.


To be a leading company in the distribution and automated sale of energy for the vehicle at the best possible price, with the highest quality, the fastest speed and maximum environmental efficiency.


To improve people's lives and their freedom of movement, providing them with energy for their vehicle at the lowest possible cost, in a convenient, simple and innovative way.

Plenoil Values

At Plenoil, we work together every day to anticipate market needs with the goal of improving and providing the best prices. Our values are embedded in our work approach, which is based on perseverance and adaptation to the circumstances of the industry.

"Offering the best price while providing quality service is more than just a goal; it's a commitment to our customers".

José Rodríguez de Arellano