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Do you know which are the cheapest gas stations in Alicante?

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Plenoil is in full expansion in the province, with an average price between 10 and 15 cents per liter cheaper and maintaining the quality of its fuels. The gas station with the best prices in Cordoba opens in Puente Genil.

The fact that rising energy and fuel prices have become one of society’s main concerns is an indisputable reality. During this time, we have seen how the prices of these basic necessities have risen to historic highs, and how consumers have been looking for solutions that allow them to save money.

Specifically, if we talk about fuels, the average price of a liter of gasoline in recent months has reached very high peaks, reaching over €1.50 -itshighest level since the end of February 2013, according to data from the European Union Oil Bulletin-. The same is true for diesel, whose average price has surpassed €1.38 per liter, marking highs since mid-September 2013.

However, in the face of this reality, more and more companies are companies that offer alternatives that better suit the consumer’s pocketbook: one of them is the automatic gas stations. Since the Hydrocarbons Law was amended in 2013, a new stage began that ended the monopoly of traditional operators to give way to this type of gas stations, which are becoming more and more frequent.

In short, free competition has benefited the user, who nowadays has the possibility of going to modern automatic installations where he can find significantly lower prices.

New low cost gas station in Alicante

Filling up at Plenoil is much cheaper than at other nearby gas stations since, on average, its price is between 10 and 15 cents per liter cheaper than the traditional competition. Depending on the area, savings can be up to 20 cents per liter.

But why is the price of fuel cheaper at Plenoil?

Throughout the Plenoil gas stations network, they always offer the best possible price because they have a much more efficient structure. In this way, the customer does not ‘suffer’ in the final price of fuels costs that do not contribute anything to the consumer, the same quality as other major operators and without sacrificing personalized attention.

In addition to its good prices, its service stations are staffed with personnel attending to customers 12 hours a day in different shifts. The rest of the time you can refuel in an easy and convenient vending system.

Savings, quality and convenience at the time of refueling, using the latest technology, are the characteristics that have made Plenoil the fastest growing company in the sector in Spain.

The family savings obtained by Plenoil customers amount to between 280 and 320 euros per year.

And is the quality of the fuels the same?

In addition, Plenoil adds special additives recommended by Exolum: HQ300 for diesel A and HQ400 for gasoline. The additiveHQ300 improves ignition, keeps injectors clean and reduces foaming, improving tank filling. The HQ400 additive prevents unwanted deposits on the valves, keeps the injectors clean and facilitates cold starting.

The family savings obtained by Plenoil customers amount to between 280 and 320 euros per year… It is clear that it is still possible to save on fuel if you choose where to refuel!

Where is the new Plenoil service station located?

In this link you can discover the location of the cheapest gas stations in Alicante: