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Increase in the purchase of oil in Spain.

Aumento de la compra de petróleo en España

This July, there has been a 4.3% increase in the purchase of oil in Spain compared to the same month in the previous year of 2022, resulting in 3.6 million liters originating from the Spanish hydrocarbon center.

Gasoline purchases increased by 12.1% compared to July 2022, and diesel increased by 1.4%. “In total, automotive fuel exports reached 2.5 million cubic meters, which is 4.3% above the level in 2022,” highlights the network of the largest refined product distributors in Europe.

Plenoil Fuel

The quality of the fuel supplied by Plenoil is of the highest standard because we only purchase from the country’s leading oil operators. We receive the product directly from Exolum, formerly known as CLH (Center for Hydrocarbon Logistics), a leading company in the transportation and storage of petroleum products in the Spanish market. In this way, we ensure traceability.
Additionally, to guarantee higher quality, we add special additives from Exolum* to all our products.

*With the exception of our gas station located in the Canary Islands, where Plenoil’s own additives are added to the fuel: Plenoil 95 for SP95 and Plenoil 40 for Gasoil A.

Fuel exits in July 2023
Source: Exolum. Fuel exits in July 2023