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How does the Plenoil app work?

¿Cómo funciona la app de Plenoil?

The development of the Plenoil app has made refueling easy, convenient, and safe for many customers. The app has evolved and added new features for users, but how does the Plenoil app work?

When logging in, the user will find different tabs that are divided into six categories: gas stations, where you can find the nearest gas stations; consumption, to check monthly or annual consumption; refueling, which shows the evolution of expenses in different months and years; invoices, which present the invoices for each refueling, which is very useful for businesses; messages, to communicate with the company; and my data, where you can enter personal information.

App Functions

1. Check the price of the nearest stations in real-time

You can see a list of all Plenoil stations here and if you select one, you will see its updated price. You can also select a station as a favorite to always check its price. If you want to know where one of our gas stations is located, you can tap on it and set a route to it.

2. Verify and download your refueling data from your mobile

You can view a summary of your refuelings in a month. If you have multiple vehicles, you can select them to see the consumption for each vehicle. In the dropdown menu, you can choose the month you want to check.

3. Manage and download your invoices with a single click

If you chose the supply-based billing option during registration, you can see the list of all invoices for a month. If you chose monthly billing, you will see a single invoice at the end of the month. By clicking on the invoice icon, you can preview and download it on your mobile. If needed, you can send it directly via email to anyone.

4. View your consumption by month or license plate

We show you graphs of your consumption by month or by license plate in case you have multiple vehicles. This way, at a quick glance, you can see a monthly comparison of your consumption or which car you refueled the most and how much.

How to Create an Account

1. Create your account

The first step is to create an account. You must fill in all your details and choose the billing method:

By supply: A bill will be generated for each refueling.

Monthly: You will receive a single bill at the end of the month.

If you have multiple license plates, add them. Later, you can select the one you want at the pump.

2. Verify your account

Once you have created the account, you will receive an email to verify it.

3. Start with the App

Once at the service station, press the Start with App button at the pump or the cashier to associate the refueling with your account. It will ask you to enter your NIF to recognize you.