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Plenoil ushers in a new era marked by growth: the company celebrates the II International Convention to announce its positive results

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Plenoil celebrated its II International Convention this past Friday, March 3rd. During the event, the company’s CEO, José Rodríguez De Arellano, presented all the results from the year 2022 and set the objectives for 2023.

The company has experienced exponential growth compared to the previous year, with an increase in the sale of liters, reaching 692 million liters and generating revenue close to 1,000 million euros. The excellent results have allowed them to set even higher goals and continue to invest in an even larger human team. Rodríguez de Arellano emphasized in the results communication that the keys to the company’s success are effort and teamwork, without forgetting common goals from all departments. Additionally, two new departments were announced: communication and sustainability. The creation of these two new areas marks a new era in Plenoil, focusing on the future of the company with the aim of continued growth and always offering the best price without compromising on quality.

Both departments aim to make the company larger and provide essential services for any international company.

Plenoil Culture

Plenoil is a leader in the new-generation service station sector. With the opening of its first service station in 2015, the company was established with the goal of making fueling safe, comfortable, automated, high-quality, and with the best price. To achieve this, it offers its customers automated service stations that provide fuels of the highest quality and comply with current environmental regulations.